Please Don’t Hire Me, I’m Scared! by Sophie Bloodworth – A review

Described by the author as “a what not-to-do guide to job-hunting,” the book is a refreshingly honest auto-biographical account of the author’s experience of the world of work and the trials and tribulations of looking for that perfect job.

“Welcome to the wonderful world of jobs. Home to all species of job hunter.”

The book’s witty opening line likens the job seeker to a ‘hunter,’ which makes me imagine the job seeker fighting through a ‘jungle’ of job applications. As she takes us through her experiences of the world of work, in chronological order, it is soon clear that the workplaces Bloodworth describes are indeed not so “wonderful.” Despite the struggles of working in customer-service, she manages to find comradeship and solace with her colleagues during her cinema days. They suffer through the long days and tedious customers together and celebrate by partying by night which makes me fondly remember the busy days, power-hungry managers and night-time shenanigans of working in a supermarket in my early twenties.

A humorous read which cautions the reader to learn from the author’s mistakes, the book contains plenty of witty observations of strange interviewers, greedy customers and “dipsh*t” colleagues, along with plenty of biting sarcasm. Bloodworth’s inner voice echoes the things we all wish we could say aloud to those ‘trying’ individuals we encounter in the world of work. As a reader, I cheered with her through her victories and feel that aching blow and confusion of receiving a rejection or worse, no response, from an interview that seemed to go well.

Overall, an enjoyable, light-hearted antidote to the multitude of self-help books available, it’s a must-read for anyone who’s a little jaded and frustrated with the process of looking for the right job. Sometimes bleak, other times hopeful, there is a quiet determination in Bloodworth’s journey which is uplifting and encourages the reader to keep on searching for that dream job, to not settle for anything less and tell the nay-sayers to f** off. Otherwise, she cautions, you will be “stuck wiping the devil’s arse for the foreseeable future.”

If you would like to have a read, the book is available from Amazon and the author’s website



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